Volunteer Help Wanted

The greatest need at the moment is for people to publicize this project and the dangers awaiting us if we don’t work on it.

There is also a need for people to collect social science data such the results of social surveys.   Transforming it into a useful form is a problem to be discussed.

There will be a need for programmers, especially those skilled in Python to make use of the vast number of available modules.  People skilled in C who could write new modules would be useful.  For some purposes, programmers who can use Javascript would be useful.

Software engineers skilled at requirements analysis and design would also be useful.

The administration of this project is also important.  See the Please Help page on MakingSocietyWork.org for details about how to help with that.

The dot-org site is for people willing to create or administer a non-profit organization to Make Society Work.  or to defend it against those who would use Recursive Exhaustion and other algorithms to collect vast amounts of social data, for use in blackmail and intimidation.

This dot-com site is intended for the use of volunteers, but there is no reason why commercial activities may not be involved.  Linux is Open Source software, for example, but there are commercial organizations like Red Hat which make a profit from it.

I prefer to consider only the activities of volunteers, but human society is all-encompassing, and cannot be so restricted.